6 Things we Give Thanks for at Haynes Group

Thanksgiving is upon us. As we all look forward to a little well-deserved time off, stuffing our bellies with turkey, and watching lots of football, it is important that we remind ourselves what this great American holiday is really about. We believe it is about being thankful for what we have and for the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. At Haynes Group, we are thankful every day for our colleagues and our wonderful clients. We wanted to take this opportunity to ask a few of our team members to share what they are most thankful for this holiday season. Here is what they had to say:

“That we are all able to laugh and have fun, and even though I am pregnant at the moment, I think it’s really cool our office has A BAR!!! It lends itself to good team bonding (after work of course…)” –Jenn Smith, APM

“I am thankful for our team, we have a great group of people working for Haynes and mixing all the different personalities together makes for a lot of laughs.” –Nicole Vernazzaro, Office Manager

“I am thankful for Tommy’s sweater.” –Patrick Cottrell, Estimator

“I am thankful for last minute beers on Friday nights when you really need a good laugh. Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing!” –Emily Bozek, APM

“I am thankful for our clients because they are the reason that our team exists.  Our diverse client base continuously challenges our team be better –  while allowing us to change, adapt, and learn new things every day so we can provide value-added solutions to their projects.” –Anthony Lodi, General Manager

“I am thankful to be surrounded by all of the great people at Haynes Group and all of our families who support us and make every day better than the last.” –Mike Haynes, President

This Thanksgiving let’s raise our glasses and toast to all of these things that we are most thankful for and take the time to thank one another. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family!