3 Ways to Design a Unique Dining Experience

So, you’re looking to make your restaurant stand out amongst the competition? From updating the interior design to freshening up the exterior for a sleek new look, the options are endless. It’s a big investment. We get it. At Haynes Group, we have a few examples of ways you can increase traffic and revenue at your establishment after taking a look at some trends that are taking place throughout the hospitality industry. Check these out:

Embrace outdoor space: It’s no secret that a meal al fresco — or a happy hour in the sun with some friends — sometimes just feels better. We’re human. We like the outdoors. So why not give customers the opportunity to — literally and figuratively — get a fresh taste of their surroundings?

Renovations come in all shapes and sizes. We recently completed a rooftop bar redesign that offers scenic views of the Boston skyline. Upgrades like this offer an opportunity that can give customers anywhere a chance to feel like they’re really in a fresh element. If your budget is limited, you might consider minor upgrades such as a patio in the back of your restaurant, or adding a small al fresco dining space. Remember to check with your local municipality to find out what is and isn’t specifically allowed.

Don’t turn the clock forward: Modernized renovations can seem to be all the rage at times — and believe us, we’ve done many of them and are proud they’ve worked for our clients. But in addition to embracing the outdoors, it’s also key to embrace the history of the building you currently occupy. The greater Boston area is FULL of history, so why hide it? Highlight it.

One notable Washington, D.C.-based architect — Brian Miller — recently told the Washington Post, “Nobody goes to an 80-year-old bistro in Paris with the marble top that’s got huge chunks busted out of it and years of stains and a pitted surface and says, ‘God this feels terrible.’ You see the history … It’s about places that look better the longer they’re open.”

We suggest this: If history is a selling point for your operation, take an inventory of what’s essential, what’s necessary to keep the same. And then consider this: What can be refurbished, what needs to be replaced and can be replicated in its current form, and what can be added on to complement the current look and feel of your establishment? Having a hard time weighing your options? No problem: We’d be glad to help out.

Bring it all together: Surprisingly, this can go overlooked at some dining establishments. It’s a tough business, profit margins are tight, and spending on construction can sometimes seem like it can wait. The thing is this: a well-rounded restaurant not only includes the quality of the food, the entertainment offered on site and customer service experience. How your establishment is designed and constructed can offer the most subtle sense of satisfaction that, in a way, should go a little overlooked so not to take away from the food itself.

Atlanta-based designer Vivian Bencich told HospitalityDesign.com this: “The food, drink, and service concept informs the story which dictates the look and feel of the space and branding. All design decisions support the concept and context of the restaurant.”

At Haynes Group, our number one priority is to ensure that everything complements your end needs and goals. Customer service is what has allowed us to get where we are today after 15 years in business, and whichever way you decide to upgrade your restaurant, we’ll be there to make sure you get what works best for you.

Hopefully, we gave you a little food for thought.