Safety Week - How We Maintain Safety On Our Sites

Happy Safety Week Day 2!

We sat down with one of our foreman, Joe Beck, who’s main focus is job site safety. Here’s what Joe had to say:

What are some unique ways you keep your site safe?

“I hold weekly safety meetings, demonstrations, post signage and hold pizza parties on the last day we’re on site if everyone has complied to our safety rules and regulations 100%”

How do you ensure everyone follows your safety rules?

“I make safety as fun and interesting as I can. Every 4 hours or so I go around to all the people working on site and I positively reinforce good safety practices.”

How do you get people “excited” or interested in safety?

“I challenge them to do and be better than yesterday. I strive to find new ways to hold their interest at a high level.”

What are some simple ways other people can ensure their safety on their job sites or someone else’s job site?

“Just paying attention, bringing up unsafe situations or practices to the site foreman or supervisors, and ensuring proper signage is posted throughout the job site.”