5 Reasons People Love Open Floor Plans

This week Haynes Group is covering a topic that’s becoming more prominent in office spaces, open floor plans. An open floor plan is a layout that has one or more large, open rooms that function as multiple rooms. Typically you see this type of layout in smaller homes, or buildings, usually because it’s a necessity. However, they are becoming more popular in recent years within offices.

The increased popularity is a result of the mindset that it creates a more collaborative, modern space for employees. Below are just a few reasons why people are loving this modern design.

1.      Creates a collaborative environment
Whether you’re designing your new home layout, or a new office space, an open floor plan really gives off the feeling of connectivity. Here at Haynes Group, we thrive in an open floor setting. Employees are free to work together, aid in the creation and implementation of ideas, and laugh together.

2.      Give the illusion that your space is larger
Having walls or cubes to break up the space or separate desks makes the area look smaller. Without partitions, you can create a more spacious, airy and bright feeling.

3.      It lets the sunshine in
I don’t know about you, but we love the natural sunshine! We love opening the windows in our space and letting the summery breeze fill our office. But instead of the person closest to the window getting to enjoy it alone, our open office space allows everyone to enjoy the nice weather!

4.      It’s not complicated
Design wise. Having an open floor plan keeps the design simple and creates clear sight lines, ultimately creating a better flow. No one enjoys a cluttered space, and this is one way to maintain a crisp environment.

5.      More economical
Finally, this type of plan proves to be more economical in terms of heating and cooling. Circulation is much better because there are no partitions to block the air flow.

Inspired to create an open floor plan in your next remodel? Contact a project manager today!