The Go-Giver: Our Business Philosophy

You totally forgot. It’s your cousin Jimmy’s wedding on Saturday; you’re going to have to find time to run to the store to find something to wear. At Christmas, your aunts didn’t think your ironic ugly sweater was funny, so you HAVE to look good. You run into the store and start grabbing a few things. The sales associate asks what you are shopping for and offers to take the clothes into the dressing room while you continue to poke around. As you try things on, the associate helps you find different sizes and pieces that might work for you. She even gently tells you when things don’t look good and offers alternative suggestions. She is kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. Since you had help while you were shopping, the trip was enjoyable, took less time, and you feel confident in your purchase. You may not notice it, but the sales associate’s passion and work method will lead her to stratospheric success.

At Haynes Group, we strive to be the amazingly dedicated sales associate of the commercial construction industry. We base our company’s philosophy on Bob Burg and John Davin Mann’s book The Go-Giver: A Little Story about a Powerful Business Idea. The story details The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success:

  • Law of Value – how much more value is given than taken in payment

  • Law of Compensation –income is determined by the number of people served and the quality of the service

  • Law of Influence- emphasis is placed on other people’s needs

  • Law of Authenticity- genuinely caring about others

  • Law of  Receptivity-  being open to receiving as a natural response to giving

The Law of Value is giving more to a client than what is taken in payment. The sales associate’s ability to make the experience enjoyable added more value than what was paid for. Her client’s treasure their experience and purchases.

The Law of Compensation is the impact a person or company has on the other.The sales associate can have an impact by giving the same personalized service to everyone who walks into the store.

The Law of Influence is a response to when great emphasis is placed on other people’s needs. The sales associate makes a positive impact on all of her clients. These people now think highly of her and become her army of her personal ambassadors.

The Law of Authenticity says the biggest asset the sales associate has is herself. The associate is focused on her customers and helping them find what they want. She is willing to suggest other stores if the customer is looking for something the store doesn’t carry.

The Law of Receptivity states that one must be open to receiving as a natural response to giving. The sales associate is open to opportunities presented to her by her clients or the company.

At The Haynes Group, we implement these laws in our everyday course of business. We are always seeking ways to add value – whether it be through accommodating client’s needs, sending our employees to extra training or being enjoyable business colleagues. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work and have doubled in size over the past few years. We place our customers first and truly love what we do. We open ourselves up and take advantage of opportunities. Implementing these laws in our business has helped in company culture because everyone is focused on the same customer-centric goals. We offer clients the “complete solution” by being a one stop shop for all their needs.  Operating by these laws has significantly increased the number of repeat clients, and referrals thus helped our business grow.

Through our repeatable process of plan, execute, deliver, we provide clients with everything they need – the complete solution.

We suggest reading The Go-Giver and giving the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success a try!