How to Create the Perfect Floor Plan

Designing a new floor plan can be daunting. But design plays a tremendous role in the success of your business. Whether you are an office space, attempting to minimize inefficiencies for your team, or a retail location attempting to create the most efficient atmosphere for your clients, your floor plan needs to be carefully thought about and created.

We wanted to share 5 tips that will make this process run much easier.

1.     Analyze and observe the space you’re currently operating in. How is the business running so far? What changes do you want to make? How do clients/employees operate in your current location? Is there anything you can do to make it flow more efficiently?

2.     Take your above answers and design a layout depicting how your current space looks. Eliminate any inefficiencies to create a better flow.

3.     The best feedback will be from your employees or clients who frequent your current space. They’ll tell you what the issues are from their perspective.

4.     Now that you’ve reviewed, it’s time for the fun stuff: making the new floor plan! Look at your new space and use the observations and information from above to ensure the discussed improvements are made.

5.     Make sure to get help! Here at the Haynes Group, we’ll help you with designing the optimal space. We’ll work with you in ensure your ideas are created as efficiently as possible.