Commerce Way

Architect: Richard P. DeCoste Architects
Square Footage: 42,000 sq. feet
Project Highlights: The Dylan Joseph Realty Trust, Haynes Group, Inc., and Richard P. DeCoste Architects worked together on the construction of Paramount Drive, a new office/warehouse, the latest addition to The Raynham Woods Commerce Center. The space boasts 24' clear ceiling heights, 480-volt three-phase power to accommodate the lighting and HVAC needs of a large commercial client, column spacing of 30' x 40', and loading doors along the rear for ease of moving product. The exterior of the building is constructed of maintenance free EIFS and masonry block. 


Veolia Environmental Services

Architect: Joyce Design Partnership
Square Footage: 55,000 sq. feet
Project Highlights: Tenant improvement of existing office space and warehouse converted to EPA and DEP recycling production facility in a 6 month time frame. Haynes Group, Inc. added 2,000 sq. feet of new break room, locker rooms and a decontamination room with flex epoxy flooring. We also added code compliant and retrofit life safety systems, fire alarms, fire suppression and improved accessibility to 15 loading dock doors. 


Plantation Products

Architect: Design Build
Square Footage: 300,000 sq. feet
Project Highlights: Tenant improvement of existing warehouse. Haynes Group, Inc. worked closely with ownership to modernize existing mechanical systems to meet code, demolish all existing warehouse racking and re-purpose for new tenant interiors. 


35 United Drive

Square Footage: 618,000 sq. feet
Project Highlights: Haynes Group, Inc. liquidated all contents, demolition of 272,000 sq. feet of steel mezzanine and dismantling of 130,000 sq. feet of automated racking systems. 


Amazon Robotics


FedEx Smart Post