Studies have shown that consumers value store ambiance and branding as even more important than the product or customer service itself. Haynes Group understands that you have one opportunity to make a great first impression with your brand. We have designed and completed a wide variety of retail projects from large sneaker store chains to the latest fitness craze franchises.

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Your office reflects your company culture and values. At Haynes Group, we understand this better than anyone. That is why our team works diligently to understand your brand and what makes your employees tick. That way we can design and build a space that will foster productivity, happiness and company pride.



Achieving the perfect flavor in your craft beers is a process and so is building out your brewing space. At Haynes Group, we recognize that building out a brewery can present obstacles unlike those faced by any other business. Modern breweries need to blend warehouse and retail space; tasting and manufacturing. Bringing all of these elements together is a challenge that we are uniquely qualified to handle.


Medical | Healthcare

As a healthcare provider, biotech or pharmaceutical company, you share a common goal — the wellness of the end patient. Our expert team of project managers understand this common goal as well. That is why the ultimate care and comfort of your employees and patients is our highest priority when we approach any healthcare build-out.


Educating the workforce of the future is an important task. Equally as important is the facilities you educate the workforce in. Our team has worked with a wide range of educators to deliver cutting edge facilities that are both functional and comfortable. From dormitories to classrooms, our team understands the unique challenges institutions of higher education face today.


Equally important to the great service your hotel provides is a great atmosphere. Let Haynes Group take care of your renovation needs so that you can take care of what’s really important — your guests. Whether we’re renovating your rooms, lobbies, or lounges, we are dedicated to providing a finished product that turns heads and increases business.



When it comes to innovation, tech companies need a construction partner that can solve problems in new ways. Our team will work with you to build a space that fosters creativity so that your team can focus on what they do best — innovating. Our experts are on top of all the trends in building technology allowing us to create smart spaces with features like climate zone control, smart lighting, and high-tech A/V equipment,.


Warehouse and industrial space is at the heart of your business. It needs to be able to grow with your company and accommodate the demands of your customers. Haynes Group has completed a wide range of industrial projects, including one for the largest internet-based retailer in the world.


Style, comfort and performance, your customers expect the same thing from your dealership that they expect from your cars. From beautiful interior showrooms, to eye-catching exteriors; Haynes Group has the experience necessary to plan, execute and deliver the complete automotive dealership package.